Data Scientist / Software Engineer

Career History

General Assembly – Data Science Immersive Student

September 2016 to Present (a few months)

  • Performed visual and statistical data analysis on data using PythonDetected skill: Python and its associated libraries and tools like pandasDetected skill: Pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, etc.
  • Explored the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning through the application of various modeling techniques such as classification, regression, and clustering using the scikit-learn pythonDetected skill: Python library.
  • Analyzed and modeled real world data problems in fields like finance, marketing, and public policy.
  • Created presentations and reports and used data visualization tools to present my findings.
  • Selected Projects: Market research for feasible locations for liquor stores in Iowa.

Columbia University Medical Center – Drupal Developer

December 2014 to September 2016 (1.8 years)

  • Maintained, monitored and tested all custom software, systems and network solutions available within the Columbia Medical Center Web Services infrastructure.
  • Contributed to open source PHPDetected skill: PHP Drupal modules after identifying and solving internal bugs.
  • Developed and integrated PHPDetected skill: PHP modules for a user sleep analyzing and sleep measuring application with SQL-based extraction as a packaged solution to be shared across higher-education institutions.
  • Implemented version control using gitDetected skill: Git and taught the team proper gitDetected skill: Git techniques.
  • Managed code deployment and automated testingDetected skill: Automated Browser Testing triggering using custom written bashDetected skill: Bash scripts.
  • Wrote bashDetected skill: Bash scripts that dump, drop, update and sanitize databases for staging and sandbox installments.
  • Converted a Drupal 6 multisite installation into multiple instances of multisite installations for segregation of sites requiring different security measurements than others.
  • Maintained a group of 11 affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database.

Major League Soccer – Junior Drupal Developer

February 2014 to December 2014 (about a year)

  • Helped manage contributed, core and custom modules on Drupal 6 and 7 installations on 21 websites.
  • Wrote pythonDetected skill: Python scripts to warm up an imagecache in order to run a mostly cached image-heavy site.
  • Contributed to a responsive image-mapping module that displays images according to screen size.
  • Rewrote complete CSSDetected skill: CSS files using Sass and SingularityGS for comprehensively responsive sites.

Internships – Ruby on Rails Intern/ Company Foreign Representative

July 2013 to December 2013 (about half a year)

  • Worked with two senior RailsDetected skill: Ruby on Rails developers in an agile environment with an emphasis on pair programming
  • Gained experience in technologies including RubyDetected skill: Ruby on RailsDetected skill: Ruby on Rails, JavaScriptDetected skill: Javascript, CSS3Detected skill: CSS, HTML5Detected skill: HTML5, and PostgreSQLDetected skill: PostgreSQL.
  • Met with VC's, bankers and angels in foreign countries and presented Hashdoc's platform, ideas, and vision.

Generation Three Family Partners – Trust Assistant Intern

July 2012 to August 2012 (about a month)

  • Assisted the President in the day-to day operationsDetected skill: Business Operations as well as initiatives of Trust and Estate accounts.
  • Supported a team of Trust managers in the administration of Trust and Estate accounts.
  • Translated the company website from English into Arabic.


Claremont McKenna College - Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Science

September 2009 to May 2013 (3.7 years)


Title: Why do revolutions succeed? The role of rational choice in the Egyptian revolution.